About me

Hi, I'm Kasey. Certified health and wellness coach, Peaceful Kids and Peaceful Parents class facilitator

“You need to take time for yourself.” “Go take a bath.” “Have a glass of wine.”

I know you’ve heard these before, because I have too. But as a busy mum to 3 young boys, I got tired of hearing others tell me I needed to take time for myself and put myself first. How could I possibly take from my child to give to myself?

After years of feeling exhausted and lacking energy, I finally realised my health and wellbeing were integral to my children’s. I finally realised I needed to change my mindset and make myself a priority. Not above, not below, but as much a priority as my children.  

I made self care work my way. With no spare time available in my day, I came up with a tailored wellness plan to fit around the realities of motherhood. It took time to shift the motherload of guilt that was born on the day of my first child. But with time, persistence, and patience, it has made me a more balanced, calmer and mindful mum – which has an amazing ripple effect on my family. 

With a degree in Adult Education, Diploma of Holistic Wellness Coaching and a Certificate of Mindfulness and Wellbeing, I have a passion in preventative mental health and physical wellbeing. I enjoy supporting mums to regain balance and teaching parents and children mindfulness and coping strategies to lessen anxiety whilst building resilience. 

I completely understand the challenges that motherhood presents and how easy it is to get swept up in all the mayhem. But I also understand the importance of prioritising your own wellbeing and the transformation that it can not only have on yourself, but your entire family. 


We all struggle with motherhood at some point.

But embracing self care will have a positive ripple effect on your family.

dance-4-2-1-portrait (1)

My approach to regain balance and feel revitalised – guilt free!

I work with mums who feel burnt out from not being able to prioritise their own wellbeing and self care. In our time together, I will help you move beyond current beliefs and restrictions while developing a tailored plan to make you feel whole once again. As your encourager and cheerleader, I help to motivate you and hold you accountable for showing up every day and making positive changes. 

By using a number of tools and resources, we work to develop goals and strategies that are individualized to your unique needs. Our main focus is fitting in self-care that is realistic and works within your already busy schedule so you can improve your overall wellbeing.

It’s time to treat yourself with the same kindness and compassion you do your family.

The biggest shift for me came when I started incorporating small self-care activities into my day. Having reflux babies who cried (a lot), slept (very little), and threw up (often) made it next to impossible to find ‘me time’. Putting my needs above my children’s didn’t seem like an option. I kept asking myself, how can I leave my screaming baby? 

With minimal time and a pressing need to improve my wellbeing, I developed what I call an accumulative practice of self-care snacking. 5 – 10 minute blocks sporadically through each day started having such a positive effect on me, that it gained momentum and became habitual. I designed and followed my own wellness plan and tracker which kept me accountable and let me celebrate my successes, no matter how small. 

My children are my priority and they always will be. However I am driven to be the best version of myself as a mother and woman and I know that prioritising my own health and wellbeing, just like I do my family’s, will have an invaluable flow of effect for them too. 

Are you ready to prioritise yourself for your family? 

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